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Owen Sound Polar Bear Dip - March 23, 2002

The Scene
Here we have some of the swimmers and the crowd of onlookers. Weather conditions were cold and windy with an overcast sky. Air temp. about -4 degrees C. and water temp. around 0 C.

Here's another shot of the crowd and swimmers. I'm in there somewhere. Best Western Inn on the Bay is in the background to the right.

Firemen in wet suits had to cut a path through the ice to where the water was deep enough to submerge ourselves.
Another view.

Myself before the swim. You can see how windy it was because I had to hold my hat.

And there off!!!

More hijinks.

These women went in just before I did.

On my way out. The chunks of ice actually cut my skin on my lower legs 'though I didn't notice until after I'd come out. No major damage, just a few scratches.

About to take the plunge. Didn't want my hat blowing off!

This is my lovely self emerging from the drink, all wet and happy. Compare my arms swinging with this picture taken by Patterson/Gimlin and © 1968 by René Dahinden. Wonder if the Big F and I are related?

In the hot tub afterwards. I'm hollering for women to come and join me. There were no takers.

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